Labradorite Faceted Beveled Cabochon Gemstone


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Labradorite Faceted Beveled Cabochon Gemstone Twilight Blue Series This designer Labradorite gemstone exhibits a full frontal Twilight Blue flash as well as facets that exhibit flash. Cut from our finest quality material, hand faceted with precision and great attention to detail, polished to a mirror shine on every facet to optimize the sparkle factor. The camera is only able to capture one angle at a time whereas the human eye is bifocal and will pick up many more sparkles and flashes. Please note I hand cut every stone, I am available for custom work and exclusive designer runs. Feel free to contact me for more info. Approx weight: 1.2 grams Approx. 12.18 mm round x 5.05 mm Item#CK103 $145.00 ** Video available upon request to demonstrate flash