Labradorite Palm Stone


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Labradorite Palm Stone PT129 This is a very beautiful specimen. It exhibits a beautiful Peacock blue on one side with little gold and pink accents . On the opposing side it has a double flash plane meaning that one half exhibits a beautiful peacock blue that flashes from one angle then the other half flashes a breathtaking flash of pastel full spectrum colours! Very beautifully shaped, highly polished with no cracks or cleaves. The flashes are very active as you turn the stone around , the full nature of this particular stone did not want to show up in the pictures. Comes packaged in a satin drawstring bag and gift box. *Just to note, we did not personally cut these stones, these are extra pieces from a side project we worked on. Weight: 170 grams Approx. size:70 mm x 70.9 mm x 19.6 mm Item # PT129 $67.00