Labradorite Palm Stone


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Labradorite Palm Stone The gorgeous stone exhibits a full flash on both sides. The Flash is a beautiful, full spectrum of pinstripe pastel oolours. The light base material made it challenging to capture the illusive flash, and really must be experienced in person. The colours range from lavender to periwinkle blue, pinks,golds and every colour in between. The flash is also multi directional , meaning it will flash from more than one angle. A very active flash. It has been beautifully shaped and highly polished. *Video available upon request to demonstrate flash Comes packaged in a satin drawstring bag and gift box. *Just to note, we did not personally cut these stones, these are extra pieces from a side project we worked on. Weight: 172.3 grams Approx. size:75 mm x 60 mm x 21 mm Item # PT126 $57.00