Labradorite Spectrolite Polished Slab


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Labradorite Spectrolite Polished Slab This spectacular specimen has been polished on both sides, it is a slice of some of our finest gem quality , high end material. The sides have been left in their natural form with only a slight buff to remove sharp edges. This would make a beautiful display specimen, could be worked into a piece of jewelry or simply a touch/meditation stone. The Flash planes have too many beautiful attributes to list and really must be experienced to appreciate. Double flash planes, true colour change, inner glow, striational glow,multi -directional flash. This truly is in my opinion a phenomenal piece. ***Comes in an Organza carry pouch with a small information card (not shown) excellent for gift giving. approx: 34.98 mm 33.49 mm x 37.66 mm x 4.88 mm approx. weight:8.3 grams Item#SLP001 **Video available by request to show flash. $148.00