1/2 KG Full Spectrum AA Labradorite/Spectrolite rough


Our Full Spectrum Material!

    Our AA features all the amazing colors and characteristics as the AAA but includes some areas of stone that are not full flashing. The black base makes for rich, bold cut stones with a lusterous black satin finish in most cases. Unlike traditional Labradorite, this material retains a beautiful look even when the labradoressence is inert on the off angles. It can also, and often, exhibit a silver chatoyancy that rolls across cabochons in a cats eye effect (similar to effect seen in star rubies and star sapphires, but with a single band).

    Our AA has been graded to exhibit guaranteed pockets of flash. Every stone will exhibit bold rich colors but will likely be accompanied by some less flashy areas. We encourage you to request a video after or even prior to your order to view the exact pieces we have selected for you. We do this free with the hopes it shows just how amazing this material is in motion.

    All pictures taken wet and at the optimum angle to show color (except maybe the group picture, there tough to get standing just right!) Pictures are of a small sample lot (much smaller than the 1/2KG). The material received will be of equal or greater quality than shown.