Bronze Labradorite Wire Wrap Pendant


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Labradorite Bronze Copper Wire Wrap Pendant 

     Once in a while I find an absolutely beautiful piece of rough natural labradorite that would be painful to see cut, this is one such piece. I have been holding on to this one for quite some time, just waiting for it to tell me what to do with it. It displays a natural colour change from a subtle chartreuse to a very vibrant full frontal amber glow. This stone has not been treated in any way , to find this amount of flash on a natural stone is a rare find. 
     This pendant has been crafted using solid Bronze (not brass) with copper accents. The Bronze has been aged for vintage appearance. Bronze doesn't tarnish with wear, it gets a patina that in my opinion (and Carleton's) becomes more beautiful with age. It was a challenge not to add it to my personal collection , but really, one can only have so many mojo pieces...or can they...? I am certain it will find it's way to some one who feels the way I do. 

 Overall pendant size: 
 ** Video available upon request to demonstrate flash.