Finnish Spectrolite Labradorite Cabochon Gemstone

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Finnish Spectrolite Labradorite from Finland 

     This Finnish Spectrolite is small teardrop freeform cabochon. It displays a pocket of blue flash in a deep base material. This material not only exhibits the Spectrolite flash (called labradorescence ) , Carleton has also captured the chatoyance properties that creates a silver sheen effect on the surface of the stone. *Being that we source our own rough and hand cut each stone, you can be confident that this material is Finnish Spectrolite from Finland* Carleton has hand cut this cabochon to display optimum flash. Flash orientation best viewed as shown in pictures. 

Measures approx : 19.78 mm x 9.07 mm x 5 mm 
weight approx.: 1.4 grams 
 Item # FN007 
 **Video available by request to show flash.