Labradorite Spectrolite Freeform Cabochon Gem Stone


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Labradorite Spectrolite Freeform Cabochon Gem Stone This is an absolutely breathtaking, organic shape cabochon that exhibits a very rare , true colour change double flash. From one angle , it exhibits a vibrant Burnt Sienna flash and from the opposing direction it exhibits a Grape purple flash. This would be ideal set in a larger statement ring as it flashes form many angles or a very active pendant design. It has been polished to a high gloss. It has a minor concerning cleave on the back bevel that would be best stabilized in a solid bezel. The price has been reduced to reflect this minor flaw. Carleton has hand cut this cabochon to display optimum flash. Flash orientation best viewed as shown in pictures. Measures approx : 28.85 mmx 18.39 mm x 5.16 mm weight approx.: 4.6 grams Item # P79 **Video available by request to show flash. $78.00