Labradorite Spectrolite Top Polish Rough Display Piece TP207


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Labradorite Spectrolite Top Polish Rough Display Piece

    This piece of natural rough has a high polished open "window". I Aim to target areas that have potential to exhibit exotic and rare colors or patterns when I decide where to make my cuts and polish. This is ideal for people looking to have a piece of natural Labradorite rough but also a subtle look at the beautiful colors within.

    Cut from our full spectrum material that exhibits a deeper, darker base material which emphasises and retains the richer and bolder colors. This material also, on occasion, features a silver chatoyancy that shimmers across the surface. This effect is similar to star sapphires and rubys, but typically only exhibits a single "cat's eye" band on cut stones, or a rippling shimmer across flat faces.

Length: 50mm

Width: 40mm

Thickness: 24mm - 26mm

Weight: 61gr