Large Labradorite Engraved Palm Stone OM symbol


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Large Labradorite Engraved Palm Stone This listing is for the exact stone pictured. A beautiful aqua blue flash, this stone has flashes from various angles, it is quite a heavy stone with a high gloss polish. Ideal for meditation, crystal work or as a lovely addition to your collection! *This stone has been custom engraved in our shop by Carleton and filled with an enamel to enhance the detail. Custom Engraving is available, production runs welcomed with a wide variety of enamel colours available as well as the option not to fill. Comes packaged in a satin drawstring bag and gift box. *Just to note, we did not personally cut these stones, these are extra pieces from a side project we worked on. Weight: 212 grams Approx. size: 82 mm x 61 mm x 26 mm Item # EPS101 $79.00